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Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival

Theresa and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Top Shelf drinks festival through Yelp (seriously people, get on it!). It was the first time Melbourne had seen this premium event, and for the sake of all that is holy I hope that it is run again.

We ventured down to the Royal Exhibition building on Sunday afternoon not really knowing what to expect. The possibility that barkeeps Melbourne over had turned the Royal Exhibition building into Melbourne’s largest bar didn’t even cross my mind. I had expected a Taste of Melbourne-style, pay $25 to get in, and then another $150 to have a good time…but these guys know how to hold an event. $25 and everything is yours for the taking (well, sampling)!

I’m not actually sure how many proprietors were showcasing their creations, but I suspect it was close to 100. When you multiply that by multiple flavours at each proprietor, you quickly realise there’s some serious sampling to do.


Samples, glorious samples

Unfortunately I had just come back from a two-day getaway with ~30 friends and I was a touch dusty. Walking among bar upon bar of boutique hard liquor wasn’t what I had negotiated with my brain the night before…but I pushed through. Thankfully, there were a few lighter options, but I felt that it was a slight,uh, slight to sip mixers in the presence of all the premiums.


Too true

Aside from the samples, there were multiple talks catering to people who wanted a more in-depth knowledge about the industry or on what they were drinking. I like this format, and have noted that it is becoming a more common feature at larger festivals. We sat in on one discussing the future of craft beer, which, oddly enough, featured the head brewer from Asahi! I did want to shake that man’s hand — but alas, I had to keep tasting.

Some of the stalls had gone all out with themed bars.  Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed by patrons, with many of these stalls being among the more frequented during the afternoon.


You know you want to visit this stall

We met a lot of neat people and everyone was all too happy to showcase their wares.  If I had my time again I think I would try (try) to spend the day at the event rather than the couple of hours I could muster this time around. It’s well worth the time, and I felt privileged to be among the creators who have dedicated themselves to lubricating us with quality.


Disclosure: Ruki and Theresa received free tickets by attending a free Yelp event. Like we said, get on it, people.

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