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Projector Bike Fridays

Projector Bike‘s concept, as I saw it, is to use non-traditional spaces and showcase short films to new audiences.  The idea is to ride to a public space and simply set up shop and watch! The night begins at around 8pm at the Testing Grounds…

The Testing Grounds? It’s a free open-air art space that opened in Southbank in October. The space is used for experimentation and the testing of ideas for public gatherings (and there’s a bar!). It’s set up behind the Arts Centre in what used to be an abandoned lot, and for me provided a community vibe in the heart of Melbourne.


Now we had an uber-cool event, starting at an uber-cool location (date idea anyone?!).  Most people rode to the starting point with their own bikes — but if you’re super lazy like me, there’s a Melbourne Bike Share just near the Arts Centre, so just grab one of those and ride a couple of minutes to The Testing Grounds.

We began the journey through the city to our first location, Argyle Square in Carlton.  The ride took us up Swanston Street and we rode three abreast making cars give way to us.  The lead bike, pictured below, carried the goods. As an added bonus it is decked out with a nice sound system so we had cool tunes to carry us on our journey.

Photo via Projector Bike Fridays

Photo via Projector Bike

The short films were fun and light hearted — kind of what you want for the night. (I suspect there’s a rotating set making each trip unique.) It was also entertaining to pick up curious onlookers as we stopped at each location.  After stopping at a couple more locations, we ended the night at projecting at Federation Square.

Photo via Projector Bike Fridays

Photo via Projector Bike

The night is certainly different.  Well done to the team for establishing another cool activity-based event on the Melbourne cultural scene.  I’ll definitely go again!


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