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Midsumma Festival Sailing

The Midsumma Festival starts in early January and continues for the rest month. The aim is to celebrate queer culture and boy do they know how to celebrate! There’s a whole host of outstanding events and it has certainly stamped itself as a highlight on the ever expanding Melbourne festival scene.

This was the first time, however, that I have come across a free sailing day! The details of the event were scant, with a plain text email highlighting that we should arrive at the Altona yacht club (I wasn’t aware Altona had a yacht club or that Altona was in fact by the bay) at 10am.

For city boys like me who have never sailed before I had images of this:

Photo courtesy SuperYacht

Photo via SuperYacht

…as such I turned up in jeans and a nice shirt.  Little did I know that we were not in fact going for a champagne tinged sail across the bay, but rather:

2I knew I was in trouble when an elderly chap gave me a bewildered up and down and asked if I “planned to sail in those”. Okay, so shoes off, jeans rolled up, dreams of taking awesome photos of myself lazing out on a sail boat, dashed. It was time to get serious and I needed to learn fast. Thankfully/mercifully I had a forgiving captain. He showed me the ropes (literally) and yelled out ‘duck’ at the appropriate moment.

Despite my overwhelming incompetence I did smirk a little at all the other city folk who arrived later donning similar attire.

It certainly was a different event and gave me a taste of something that I have never done before. Big props to the Midsumma festival organisers for thinking outside the box!

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